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The Camarillo Technicians to Call When Your Car AC Is Not Working

Is your car AC not working as well as it should be? When temperatures soar in Camarillo and your car’s air conditioning is on the fritz, you can count on the team at Transcare & Bergin’s Automotive to diagnose the issue and to repair the damage to your satisfaction. Whether the air conditioner is unresponsive, it is blowing warm air, or it is showing other signs of trouble, the interior of your car can become uncomfortably warm and even dangerously hot. There are many reasons why your car’s AC system may not be functioning as desired, and these may be related to issues with the coolant level, hoses, compressor belt, radiator cap and more.

When you arrive at our service center in Ventura County, we will run several diagnostics to identify the source of the trouble and to determine the right steps to take to resolve the issue. A car AC not working as well as needed is a serious issue that requires prompt attention from a team that you can count on, and our experienced, honest technicians will not let you down.

Trusted Ventura County Mechanics to Call When You Discover Your Car Heater Broken

Have you recently discovered your car heater broken? While drivers in Ventura County may only rely on a car heater for warmth for a short period of time each year, our friendly mechanics at Transcare & Bergin’s Automotive understands the urgency of your service and repair request. Some of our customers contact us when their heater is not functioning at all or when it is only heating up the cabin by a few degrees. Others may notice issues with the defroster, or the heater may make an unusual sound when it operates.

Your access to a functional heater impacts your ability to drive safely and comfortably in cold weather conditions. We are ready to inspect your car’s climate control system without delay. You can always expect a fast turnaround and competitive prices when you bring your car to us. Call our office today for an appointment or drop by during business hours.